7 Days to Perfect Spiritual Health

June 27 - July 3

NOTE: this webinar will start on Saturday, JUNE 27 and will end on Friday, JULY 3. 

There will be one 20-minute lesson each day.

Each lesson replay link will be available for 2 weeks. 


7 Days to Perfect Spiritual Health

Throughout all creation there is universal order and harmony. Spiritual health is having a first-hand experience of universal harmony no matter how chaotic things appear. Harmony gives meaning and fullness to our lives. Harmony is Eufeeling.

Join me, for a new lesson each day for 7 Days to Perfect Spiritual Health. You need no prior training or particular beliefs. We will start from where you are and together broaden and deepen our spiritual health. Eufeeling is already there, waiting for you. Register Now.


7 Days to Perfect Spiritual Health

1. Meditation – The Perfect Meditation {with Free Download}

2. Sleeping – Waking Up – Falling Asleep

3. Eating – Spiritual Essence of Food

4. Exercise – Walking – Space Walking

5. Stillness – Listening to Silence – Watching the Watcher

6. Talking – Problems with People

7. Emotions – Mood Monitoring

NOTE: Prerequisites - none needed.
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7 Days to Perfect Spiritual Health

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