Awefeeling by Dr. Frank Kinslow (NEW RELEASE)



Discover how you can feel less lonely, less depressed and have more energy, boost your immune system, break negative patterns, and become more mindful and loving in just a few minutes a day!

Sound impossible? In his new book, Awefeeling, Dr. Frank Kinslow, the discover and developer of Eufeeling and the Quantum Entrainment rapid healing method, introduces his pioneering AweFeeling Method. The AweFeeling Method unites the peaceful power of Eufeeling with the life-altering perception of awe, with proven health benefits in virtually every area of your life. This marriage of inner and outer enlightenment offers profound results beginning with your first session. And the remarkable news, it takes you no more than 1-3 ½ minute a day!

You don’t have to try and think positive thoughts, sit stiffly and silently, or concentrate on…anything! Awefeeling is natural, effortless, and easy to do. You can do it while riding your bike, making the perfect souffle, over a cup and a chat with a good friend, or in quiet reflection about the ones you love. Awefeeling can be with you just about any time, anywhere. And in Chapter 24 you will even learn how to share Awefeeling with others.

Frank Kinslow is already known worldwide for his revolutionary rapid healing technique Quantum Entrainment. He has served in the fields of self-help, spirituality, natural healing, and happiness. He is an internationally best-selling author and his books have been translated into 25 languages. He brings the same depth, clarity, and compassion to Awefeeling. About his newest creation he has this to say, “I am so very excited about this AweFeeling Method. With it, and with great effectiveness, many, many lives can be elevated to extraordinary heights. We just may have the recipe for world peace. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift!”

(Awefeeling Bonus: Learn to immerse yourself in Eufeeling and get Frank as your personal guide when you download his free audio recording of the Eufeeling Technique.)


Dr. Frank Kinslow has been a teacher for the deaf, a chiropractic physician and Doctor of Clinical Spiritual Counseling, but always a passionate and dedicated student of health, happiness, and ultimately enlightenment. He drew inspiration from many sources including Vedic teachings, eastern esoteric and western spiritual practices, and a lifelong fascination with quantum physics and relativity. For more than 20 years he practiced meditation 2 1/2 hours each day. Despite his complete dedication, at 61 years of age he was in poor physical health, emotionally drained, and in doubt of his future.

It was at this time of intense crisis that frank discovered what he later called Eufeeling, a deep, inner state of perfect balance, and developed the Quantum Entrainment (QE) method to share this profound state of healing and happiness with others. He described his technique in his first book, The Secret of Instant Healing which became an immediate international best seller. His books have been translated into 25 languages. His latest book, Awefeeling, combines Eufeeling with the experience of awe to create a much quicker and more bountiful path to a balanced life of health, happiness, deep inner contentment, and outer success.

Presently Frank continues to write, traveling and teaching globally. He resides in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife, Martina.

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Awefeeling by Dr. Frank Kinslow (NEW RELEASE)

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