NEW! QE Practical Healing Webinar, Oct 10 - Dec 12
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Pre-registration until September 19th: $295

Regular registration from September 20th: $325


10 weekly online sessions

LIVE lessons on Thursdays at 1pm EST

Each lesson replay will be available for 2 weeks.

Instructions will be sent to you upon receipt of payment

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Pre-requisite: Basic & Advanced seminar or webinar. Email proof of completion to


Live with Dr. Frank Kinslow


If you want the newest development in healing this is it - the QE Practical Healing Webinar. Worldwide, Quantum Entrainment® has been one of the most successful healing systems of all time. Now discover QE Spacing and raise extraordinary healing to its highest expression. QE Spacing is a rare merging of scientific and esoteric procedures that excite and delight. Join us and learn to heal with power, compassion and joy.



Some of what you will learn:


• Balancing your spine - decreasing joint pain - relaxing muscles


• Body points that relieve emotions


• Supercharge other healing techniques & therapies making them easy and effective.


• Make QE Healing Water for all occasions


• How Nature heals



If you are looking for the healing event of a lifetime then reserve your place now.


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NEW! QE Practical Healing Webinar, Oct 10 - Dec 12

Price: $325.00
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