NEW! The Art of EuStillness Webinar, Jan 28 - March 17
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Pre-registration until December 8th: $325

Regular registration from December 9th: $345


- 8 weekly online sessions

- LIVE lesson every Tuesday at 1pm EDT

- All lesson replay links will be available until March 17th

- Instructions will be sent to you upon receipt of payment

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Pre-requisite: QE Basic, Advanced & Eufeeling Intensive seminar or webinar. Please email proof of completion to



Live with Dr. Frank Kinslow

You might not think so at first, but there is high spiritual power in knowing the purpose of stillness. Stillness is the primal substance of life and the cause of creation. The Art of EuStillness Webinar will quietly unfold its petals, gently encouraging in you the kind of illumination that is unmoving and complete. There you will experience life’s most profound perception, EuStillness, the heart, soul, and starting point of any serious spiritual journey. 

Transcend the rigors of the material world and settle into stillness live with Dr. Frank Kinslow.





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NEW! The Art of EuStillness Webinar, Jan 28 - March 17

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