QE Advanced LIVE Webinar (with Russian translation)
Dates: March 14th, 2021
Time: 7am - 3pm EST or 3pm-11pm Moscow Time
QE Advanced LIVE Webinar
English with Russian translation
Pre-registration $235
Regular Price $250
This webinar takes the incredible benefits of QE to the next level. Topics include Group/World Peace QE, Refined QE and Kids’ QE. You’ll learn how to overcome financial difficulties, how to have the perfect relationship and how to communicate from your heart. You’ll also learn about Spacing Walking, a way to experience pure awareness as you move about your day. And finally, we’ll explore how to integrate Quantum Entrainment at home for maximum results.
NOTE: (proof of Basic Seminar or webinar attendance is required. Email to webinar@kinslowsystem.com)
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QE Advanced LIVE Webinar (with Russian translation)

Price: $250.00
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