QE Basic & Advanced LIVE (with Russian translation) for 2
Dates: October 16-17
Time: 7am - 3pm EST or 3pm-11pm Moscow Time
QE Basic & Advanced LIVE Webinar (for 2 people)
English with Russian translation
Pre-registration until October 4: $375
Regular Price $395
This Webinar will show you how to, in just minutes, create meaningful healing events in yourself, others and even your pets. You will learn how do QE to help alleviate physical pain and emotional discord, learn to heal over great distances, apply its regenerating effects to relationships and financial concerns, and even teach your children. You will learn how to do QE in a group, how to host QE group practice sessions, and how to set up your own fun filled 90 day program for inner harmony and outer healing.
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QE Basic & Advanced LIVE (with Russian translation) for 2

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