QE Meditation LIVE Webinar: Jan 25 at 2pm EST


Live 90 minute webinar with Dr. Frank Kinslow

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Replay available for from Monday for 5 days. 


Get results in only 15 minutes. QE Meditation is a quick and effective meditation that anyone can do. Results begin from your very first session and build from there. QE Meditation automatically activates the autonomic nervous system to produce a deep state of peace and solitude. You finish feeling refreshed and ready to face the world with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


“Before QE Meditation I felt much frustration. I felt fatigue and had no interest in life. QE Meditation is easy, fun, and I found expansion immediately. It is a wonderful experience.”

Marianna Miroshnik, Saint Petersburg, Russia


How have others benefited from QE Meditation?

· deeper sense of peace and harmony

· increased energy & ambition

· better relationships

· improved health

· life’s more fun


What will I learn?

· The Nothing Technique

o Effortlessly still your mind (I mean it! Even if you’ve failed before!)

· The Eufeeling Technique

o Find Eufeeling, the spiritual source of harmony and healing

· The Kinslow System Body Scan

o Balance body, mind and “me” for complete harmony


(Note: QE Meditation is also known as the QE Self-Session)


What will I be able to do:

· Go beyond worrisome & weakening thoughts

· Find inner peace effortlessly

· Improve energy, boost your immune system & recapture your zest for life


Who can do it?

If you are reading this, you have everything you need to do QE Meditation. No previous experience is necessary. Even if you have failed at other meditations or found them boring you will be able to do QE Meditation. Your results are self-motivating…not to mention, it feels good!


When will I get results?

The very first time.


How long will it take to learn QE Meditation?

90 minutes!



Free Download: QE Meditation Guidelines


Refund policy: No refunds 48 or less hours before webinar begins. 

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QE Meditation LIVE Webinar: Jan 25 at 2pm EST

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