QE Practice Group Session: May 21 at 1pm EDT

Sunday, May 21 at 1pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, USA) 


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"Let's practice Quantum Entrainment together! It's so much better than practicing alone." – Priyanka

What is a QE Practice Group?

The QE Practice Group is a group of people who gather to practice the various techniques and applications of Quantum Entrainment. It is lively, and vivacious, and fun. It is healing and harmony amplified and reflected back to you through the presence of those of like minds and hearts. It is a chance to discuss with others what you learned and in turn share with and in their experiences. In short, the QE Practice Group is rocket ride to becoming fully human.

Who can attend a Quantum Entrainment Practice Group?

To join a QE Practice Group you must first know how to do Quantum Entrainment. There is absolutely no teaching taking place in any QE Practice Group. The practice group is designed around the practice of Quantum Entrainment and its applications. Therefore you must at least have learned and practiced on your own the QE Triangulation technique and Refined QE.

You qualify if you have taken a QE Workshop or QE Webinar. If you have learned QE from one of Frankís book or listened to a QE CD or Audio then you are also eligable to join us. No matter how you learned QE you must have practiced the techniques the basic QE Techniques before joining our group.


To join a practice session, you must know the basic QE Techniques. If you are new to QE, CLICK HERE to get your LEARN QE Audio Download. As a BONUS we will give you 5 Practice Group Sessions FREE to get you started!

How will the QE Practice Group benefit you?

Because Quantum Entrainment works deep within your mind at the finest level of functioning where peace and harmony abide, it has a peaceful, harmonizing effect on everything you do. It begins by organizing your thoughts, adding power and purpose to their expression. This increased energy and order then flows outward to sooth and heal your body. From there it injects vitality, wisdom, and serenity into every facet of your life, work, family and love relationships, recreation and education and even your quest for greater spiritual insight. Results happen quickly, especially in a group setting.

Warning: Your participation in a QE Practice Group may be life-changing! :) 

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QE Practice Group Session: May 21 at 1pm EDT

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