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The Story of Nothing and How It Is Changing the World

As a boy I lived in post-World War II Japan. I remember doing the things that all boys love; catching bees in a jar, making forts with rocks and sticks in the dirt and laying on my back watching puffy white clouds slide across a deep cerulean sky. The child’s eye is the saint’s eye. But that all changes doesn’t it? It was at this time that I had my first spiritual awakening. I had become discouraged and angry with my practice of judo. Sitting, frustrated and fuming on the tatami mat my sensei taught me a mind-over-matter technique that drained me of anger and filled me with inner quiet. I was surprised by joy.

All through my adolescence and young adulthood I read about and practiced yoga and breathing and meditation. I was able to keep alive the child’s eye even as I went to college, married and started a family. In the early 1970’s I became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and studied the Science of Creative Intelligence under the gentle guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Later, SCI became the foundation for deeper exploration into the realm beyond the mind, pure awareness.

For fifteen years I deeply dedicated myself to spiritual exploration. My daily routine included 3 ½ hours of meditation with additional time devoted to studying and teaching spiritual practices. I accumulated more than 2 ½ years of silent, deep meditation literally sequestered on mountain tops in the French and Swiss Alps for months at a time. The driving force behind my dedication was that most exalted and utterly elusive state of enlightenment. I felt that I could become enlightened by strength of will and austere and obscure practices.

During this time I had many deep and meaningful spiritual experiences. I began to resonate on finer and finer levels of existence. I spent time learning on the level of angels, I sat in on the teachings of the ascended masters, I found the form of God and watched it dissolve into the formless essence of God-stuff. Ultimately I became aware of pure awareness the all-permeating Nothing from which all is born and into which all dissolves again.

I found myself with a foot in two worlds; the competitive world of day-to-day living and the etheric realms of subtle beings and soft surrender. It was not an easy time for me physically or emotionally. It was difficult to remain focused on my family and profession when the serene silence of the “other” world lay beckoning from every shimmering form.

In the late 1980’s I met with a small group of spiritual seekers to study and practice meditative techniques. It was at that time that I started receiving instruction from my disincarnate teacher, the destroyer of ignorance, Siva. I passed the techniques along to the group and we practiced them and passed them along to others. These techniques were the precursors to Quantum Entrainment. We could heal, give readings and even encourage the experience of peace in others. I taught for 7 years but when I looked inwardly to see if I had moved any closer to enlightenment I could not honestly say that I had. I looked at those following my teachings and found that they could inspire healing and interest in esoteric practices but they too failed to show me any significant inner growth. So, in the mid-90’s I walked away from my students and my teachings and began to look deeply inside for an answer to my life long quest for freedom from suffering.

I decided to remove anything from my life that did not encourage enlightenment. I began removing everything that did not work. It was a process that lasted 7 more years.  This time became the most painful of my life. During that time I ended a 30 year marriage, gave up my teaching and my chiropractic practice, fell in and out of love and moved away from friends and family to a city where I was virtually alone. It was then that I began writing Beyond Happiness: How You Can Fulfill Your Deepest Desire.

I discovered during that time that nothing I had done was working. In my new home, alone and without direction I became very ill. I laid in bed day after day under the dark cloud of depression while my body finally succumbed to the accumulated years of stress and disappointment. I developed physical maladies that drained me and made it impossible to think clearly. I could not write for 10 months.

During the time of deepest darkness I had a remarkable awakening unlike any I had experienced before. It stood out like a beacon in the blackness of night. In a single flash of insight I cognized that nothing moves; that all created things and thoughts are non-moving reflections of pure awareness. In fact, in some way I cannot explain, form does not exist. Form and movement are one and the same non-moving emptiness. Any effort to explain this experience is laughably inadequate. Whether I can explain this cognition or not it resonates deep within the stillness that is my essence. Not my essence but the Essence. It is from here that I think and work and love and cry. It was at this time that the mechanics of creation began to open to my awareness. It is from here that Quantum Entrainment was born and I began to learn to heal.

It took some years more before the full impact of my cognition took hold. In fact, I am still watching the process unfold. It is as if the reflection of pure awareness I call “me” has to be infused with fullness slowly over apparent time. And so, without effort I have observed a quiet metamorphosis from the inside out. All the while I am both at peace and in apparent turmoil. My life is as it was before. I get frustrated, angry, sad and happy. I become temporarily overshadowed by the human condition but return quickly and without effort to inner quiet like a pristine meadow after a summer thunder shower. But my life, or more accurately this life is also unfathomable, free from form and function; free to be…nothing.

I kept saying to myself that nothing works. Then I realized that nothing did work. That is the “nothing” of pure awareness is the only thing that works and that is because it is nothing. All the time I was meditating and reading and teaching I had a goal to be free of suffering. As long as I had a goal then I wasn’t satisfied where I was. You see? A goal creates a path and a path takes you away from where you are. But my cognition showed that the nothing of pure awareness is everywhere, all the time. That is, there is nowhere to go and nothing you can do to get peace because it is already where you are. You can’t get something you already have. All you need to do is become aware that you have it, right? A goal and a path are illusions. They take the mind away from non-moving awareness and involve it in the illusory world of good and bad, right and wrong, fleeting happiness and ultimate suffering.

So herein lies the core of my teaching: You do not need to do anything to be aware of pure awareness. You already have pure awareness so you only need to become aware of it. All the time I spent in deep meditation and studying to become free of suffering only encouraged suffering. It was not needed. Only awareness of pure awareness is needed and to be free and that is the simplest thing in existence.

Not quite two years ago I was quietly contemplating the plight of humanity on earth. I wondered how our suffering might be replaced with the inner peace that has been extolled throughout the ages by saints and sages alike. I wondered why so many of us turn outward, away from inner bliss to embrace the fleeting pleasures of the senses. It was that simple inquiry that opened my consciousness to the genius of what I would later call Quantum Entrainment. Please know that I take no credit for this insight. I don’t even take authorship for asking the question. In reality both the question and the answer are superfluous but that is a story for another time.

What I realized was that our wayward minds have to somehow be excited about something before they will pay proper attention. So I offered the mind the thought of instant healing. That got it interested initially but the problem is that the nothing of pure awareness is not exciting to our minds. Actually, our senses can never experience pure awareness and our minds will never understand it. So what to do? My challenge was to interest the mind in something that could not be experienced and teach it something that could not be understood. Then the mind had to remain in this non-experience state of pure awareness long enough to feel the harmonious effects on body and mind. This would have to be a very fast process for the mind is extremely restless. The answer was given in the form of the Eufeeling, a stroke of utter genius. The Eufeeling balances the mind between the absolute non-movement of pure awareness and its impulsive, constant activity. The Eufeeling holds the mind there until not only the initiator’s body/mind benefits but also the partner s/he is working with. It was a most remarkable and completely unique idea. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

I did try it out and was overwhelmed at the speed and the depth of healing of this new process. Next I tried to teach it and found that others could learn the QE process as quickly and easily as the process was practiced. A few months after discovering Quantum Entrainment I wrote The Secret of Instant Healing so that people around the world could learn how to experience pure awareness through healing. 

I self-published SIH and distribution in the US was very slow. Then a keen and compassionate individual, Alfred Schatz CEO of VAK Publishing read SIH and felt his German readers should have access to this knowledge. Alfred showed me that he very much understood the depth of this work and The Secret of Instant Healing was published as Quantunheilung in February, 2009. A few weeks later it became the number one selling Natural Healing book in Germany and remains there at this writing. This experience has encouraged me greatly for this reason. Germans are enjoying the same healing results from reading a translated book as Americans who are directly taught by me. This shows me the universality and simplicity of this remarkable technique inner and outer healing called Quantum Entrainment. I am very encouraged by the success of Quantunheilung and I look forward to meeting with its readers and supporters of Quantum Entrainment when I visit Germany this fall.

Frank J Kinslow     July 15, 2009